In 2007 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil started the process of an enormous transformation process to host both the 2014 FIFA world cup, and the 2016 summer Olympic games.

With the economy being favorable, due to the surge of commodity prices which Brazil vastly produces. The country turned its eyes into a huge investment in the sports infrastructure, while the investment in public services such has housing, health or security was minimal.

In 2016, while the World watched the Olympics, according to the Public Safety Institute of Rio de Janeiro, homicides went up by 20% and robbery went up more then 40%.

The question that remains in the air is: Why is the price to pay for the major sports events bringing cities to bankruptcy?

46750 is a visual account of the last decade of the city. A portrait of the so-called “wonder city”, with all its contrasts and complexities. 46750 is also the number of homicides that occurred in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, an average of 13 homicides per day for the decade 2007-2016, the time João Pina worked in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro.

Over the years, this body of work has been published in magazines such as The New Yorker, Stern Magazine, El Pais Semanal, The New York Times, and acclaimed with awards such as Estação Imagem 2017, PDN Photo Annual 2010 and a finalist for the Henri Nannen Preis.

Now, it is the time for the work to become framed in time and history. Along with poetry written by Viviane Salles and design by Ramon Pez, 46750 is a book so we don’t forget.

This website exclusively pre-sells the book 46750 at a special price. This funds will be used towards funding the printing of the book in March 2018.

The books will be shipped worldwide in June 2018.