Por teu livre pensamento (out of print)

This story means much more to me than just photography. It is about my own heritage as a young man. It is about me, even if it happened many years before I was born. It is about a very small group of people that were arrested, tortured and sentenced to many years in jail because they thought differently. Both my grandparents were part of this group. My grandmother Albertina Diogo and my grandfather Guilherme da Costa Carvalho (who died in 1973) were members of the Portuguese communist party and fought with their ideals against a fascist regime that lasted for 48 years in Portugal making it the longest dictatorial regime of western Europe in the XX century.

9 x 9 in (228 x 228 mm)
192 pages
55 photographs printed in duotone
Text by Rui Daniel Galiza
1st edition - April 2007
ISBN - 978-97-2371-186-8